A couple of items have arrived at the Linbro Office and a number of you are wondering what exactly they are!

As mentioned previously, we have been awarded the internal lining of the NMPP tanks at Heidelberg and we are required to blast the internal surfaces. To be able to do this efficiently, we need to control the air within the tank. Reducing the relative humidity, allows us to blast for very much longer periods than would normally be the case as the rate of rusting is related directly to the level of the relative humidity. By reducing the relative humidity we are able to maintain Sa2.5 and Sa3 cleanliness levels for long periods of time.


These each have the capacity to handle 18000m3/hr of air and remove up to 54 liters of water per hour from that air. This is done by the same material that is in those little white packets that are in pill containers (silica gel) and the humid air is passed through/over the silica gel where the water is absorbed and thus dry air is delivered on the other side.

It is anticipated that these pieces of equipment will enable us to be more productive and provide a superior product to our valued clients.