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Asbestos Removal

ISO14000 accredited and coordinated with the AIA (Authorised Inspection Authority), ensuring safety, reliability and quality come first.

Southey Contracting is registered with the Department of Labour as an Asbestos Abatement Contractor.

The health risks of asbestos, historically a widely used building material, are well documented.

Still, today, thousands of people either pass away or are affected by respiratory diseases, directly relating to their exposure to asbestos. This includes lung cancer, asbestosis, mesothelioma and COPD.

Fact is that incidence of mesothelioma in South Africa ranks among the highest in the world.

According to nearly 30 percent of mesothelioma cases in South Africa are tied to environmental exposure, of which over 70 percent affect women and children.

With the country being a former leader in asbestos production (a thriving industry for over a century), the problem remains a major challenge to the mining and manufacturing industries, especially.

“We take pride in the Removal of harmful asbestos material through Southey’s trademark service reliability and impeccable safety track record.”

The Southey Contracting
Asbestos Removal Service

“Important to note is that ours is an enterprise scale service,” says services head, Ashley Rampersadh. “Individual home owners or small businesses are better served finding a local specialist in their area as they will enjoy greater cost benefit at that end of the scale.”


Southey Contracting offers asbestos abatement services where existing asbestos and fibrous dust within boilers, buildings, tanks, vessels and such (used as insulating and roofing material) is removed and replaced with less harmful insulation materials, or removed completely prior to demolition.

Southey Contracting's clients include


Established track-record
of delivering safe and reliable service.
100% compliant
to all regulations.
Coordination with AIA)
to remove asbestos in a safe manner.
Contain Release of Fibers
through enveloping area in shroud, use of Personal Protective Equipment and de-contamination areas.
Check List With A Pencil Next To It
Strict Process of baggingand tagging waste – records kept for 40 years.
Regular Auditing Conducted
on Southey, as well as companies tasked with eventual disposal in hazardous waste landfill sites.

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Standards, Accreditations & Safety

Southey Contracting is registered with the Department of Labour as an Asbestos Abatement Contractor and, with the assistance of Accredited Inspection Authorities, will safely remove asbestos and dispose of it as specified by the Occupational and Safety Act 85/93 and, more specifically, the Asbestos Regulations (2003). 

Southey Contracting undertakes work safely, maintaining the highest quality and standards of consideration for the environment.

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