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Industrial Tank Cleaning Specialists

Increase your profit stream through professional, timeous, tank cleaning services.

There is no room for “learning curve” with complicated cleaning projects – Southey Contracting has the expertise you need.

20 years’ experience and committed project management teams keep tank cleaning exercises on track, avoiding costly mistakes and possible time wastage.


Tank cleaning projects have a tendency to be extremely complicated but, if done right, not only bring cost savings down the line for the tank owner due to a longer (and better) performance lifecycle but, also, immediate reward as recovered sludge could be turned into an additional income stream pending the type of chemicals being removed, of course.

In addition tank owners' profit
stream enjoy further bolstering.

Southey Contracting’s in-tank cleaning and recovery services require less support equipment and crew – while our speed of execution guarantees a substantial reduction in tank down-time.

Clean tanks produce less waste for disposal (so less costs involved) while increased tank storage capacity and cleaner pipelines deliver obvious operational benefits to the owner.

“We strive to minimise or eliminate the necessity for personnel entry into confined space and hazardous environments by offering customised equipment and services for your tank cleaning application.”

About Southey Contracting’s
Tank cleaning services

In relation to above ground storage tank cleaning Southey Contracting specialises in services to refineries, power plants, pulp and paper plants, product terminals, crude oil tank farms and industrial companies.

All projects are planned well in advance to ensure regulatory compliance while our experienced management teams ensure the right equipment and people are available to deliver successful project outcomes.

Southey Contracting has developed a range of methodologies and technology to minimise man entry into confined spaces – allowing us to do a better job, faster – while also reducing the insurance liability.

How we do it

  1. Infrared imaging determines sludge accumulation in tank
  2. Site survey determines existing access points and optimum placement of new access points to create a vortex effect - with stinger units (or jets) then attached to the inputs
  3. PSI-T4 is added to the tank, along with cutter stock (light crude) and process water
  4. The sludge, now in a stable suspension, can be transported to the refinery

Southey Contracting's clients include


Limit or Eliminate Confined Space
Operations for Personnel
Reduce Operating Costs
Decrease Operation Duration.
Increase Quality of Service
Target With An Arrow In The Middle
Recover cleaning cost from profits on recovered sludge
Reduce future buildup by transferring sludge to refineries

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Standards, Accreditations & Safety

Southey Contracting Standards ensure that products are delivered and installed in the most cost effective way whilst never compromising safety. Our systems ensure that we are differentiated from most competitors as we are compliant with international standards of Safety, Quality and Environment. As a company, hold all relevant accreditations, including:

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 45001

Southey Contracting undertakes work safely, maintaining the highest quality and standards of consideration for the environment.

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