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Thermal Metal Spray / Sprayed Aluminum

A flexible core of qualified and experienced Thermal Metal Spraying Applicators.

Southey Contracting offers state of the art service and a deep understanding of the process, refined since 1981.

Thermal spraying (or metal spraying) is a process relating to surface engineering / coating process where the end-goal is to provide corrosion protection to ferrous metals (metals where iron is present).

Thermal Metal Spraying is a specialist skillset that not only requires a great deal of expertise but, also, a keen awareness of environmental and safety regulations

Southey Contracting has over 35 years’ experience in the application of fit-for-purpose coatings to meet the highest quality standards for corrosion protection purposes – using state of the art ‘Arc and Flame’ spraying equipment and training all crews under the guidance of a leading Thermal Metal Spraying consultant from the United States.

“We pride ourselves on winning the 2012 Annual Award from the Corrosion Institute of Southern Africa for delivering a high quality TSA Project at the SAPREF Refinery during their 2011 shutdown.”

The Southey Contracting
TSA Service

As a protective system for structural steelwork Thermal Metal Spraying is unsurpassed.

To date it is the only system recommended by International and European standards EN ISO 14713 as giving greater than 20 years’ protection to first maintenance in very aggressive environments such as the Marine splash zone (category lm2).

On Quality Southey Thermal Metal Spray applications conform to:

  • ISO 2063:2005 (E) International Standard
  • ISO 2178-1982 (E) International Standard
  • NF EN ISO 14919:2001 (E) European and French Standard

Southey Contracting's clients include


No curing time required
between coatings – it dries on impact (TSA).
It can be applied
on or off site on new and/or existing plant
Grey Flame Icon
There is no possible distortion
due to heat transfer
It can be applied in high temperature
applications (over 200°C).
Check List With A Pencil Next To It
Strict Process of bagging and tagging waste –
records kept for 40 years.
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TSA provides cathodic protection (CP) –
for difficult-to-reach and / or damaged / cut areas (i.e. pipe supports)
Chain Of Links
It can serve as a repair procedure to galvanising
but is not limited to the size of a galvanising bath
Prolongs the life
of your plant
Reduces maintenance
frequency and associated costs

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Standards, Accreditations & Safety

In addition to the usual safety, environmental and quality accreditations you may find some additional technical information of Southey Contracting’s TSA service useful, such as: 30-40 years CUI Protection, zero environmental or schedule impact, high resistance to mechanical abuse, no limited to application temperature, protection in cyclical service and 480°C upper continuous operating temperature – to name but a few.

As mentioned, Southey Contracting holds all relevant accreditations, including:

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 45001

Southey Contracting undertakes work safely, maintaining the highest quality and standards of consideration for the environment.

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