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HPC Coating

Maximise energy efficiency with a coating that eliminates Corrosion Under Insulation.

CUI is external corrosion of piping and vessels underneath jacketed insulation owing to the penetration of water and the existence of oxygen within the air gaps of traditional insulation systems.

Metal Jacketing is never air tight or moisture resistant, especially over time where sealers erode, or jacketing is damaged.

HPC Coating is sprayed directly on to the surface of the pipe, tank or equipment at any configuration to completely seal the surface from both air (oxygen) and water moisture eliminating metal dissolution.

What Is HPC:

  • HPC is a water based Ceramic Insulation Coating, formulated to prevent the loss of conductive & convective heat from a hot vessels and piping surfaces.
  • Maintains the overall heat of any fluid or gas within a pipe or vessel, which allows the process to operate more efficiently.
  • HPC can be applied to live equipment at temperatures up to 273 degrees Celsius without the need to shutdown.
  • HPC-HT can be applied to live equipment up to 600 degrees Celsius without the need to shutdown equipment.

HPC is a far more effective insulator as it holds the heat on the surface through its extremely low thermal conductivity and convectively where traditional insulation allows heat to be absorbed into the insulation material away from the surface.


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Established track-record
of delivering safe and reliable service.
100% compliant
to all regulations.
Coordination with AIA)
to remove asbestos in a safe manner.
Contain Release of Fibers
through enveloping area in shroud, use of Personal Protective Equipment and de-contamination areas.
Check List With A Pencil Next To It
Strict Process of baggingand tagging waste – records kept for 40 years.
Regular Auditing Conducted
on Southey, as well as companies tasked with eventual disposal in hazardous waste landfill sites.

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Standards, Accreditations & Safety

Southey Contracting is registered with the Department of Labour as an Asbestos Abatement Contractor and, with the assistance of Accredited Inspection Authorities, will safely remove asbestos and dispose of it as specified by the Occupational and Safety Act 85/93 and, more specifically, the Asbestos Regulations (2003). 

Southey Contracting undertakes work safely, maintaining the highest quality and standards of consideration for the environment.

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