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HP and UHP Water Jetting

The most powerful and environmentally sensitive cleaning techniques available today.

Southey Contracting creates innovative solutions for complex cleaning applications.

Specialised cleaning services such as HP and UHP are employed in heavy industrial applications during systematic maintenance cycles, planned shuts and to provide solutions to unexpected waste-related breakdowns and blockages.

Water is used as a preferred alternative to abrasive blasting as it is safer and more environmentally sensitive, as water can also be recycled if needed. To increase efficacy other elements such as garnet can be added to provide enhanced cutting capability to the water jet.

Working with High Pressure (HP) and, especially, Ultra high-pressure (UHP) water jetting is a dangerous job that requires the utmost in skill, compliance and equipment – both in terms of personal protection and the actual machinery itself.

Executed professionally however the techniques offer many benefits that speak to efficiencies in terms of cost, water usage and environmental impact, to name but a few.

“Southey Contracting offers a wide range of high pressure water blasting equipment that brings engineering and customer service together to create innovative solutions for difficult to clean applications.”

Southey Contracting
are Corrosion Protection & Coating specialists

Southey Contracting carries a large inventory of equipment and spares to ensure project appropriate equipment is available where and when our clients need it.

We have a fleet of truck, trailer and skid mounted high pressure water cleaning equipment operating around South Africa, its neighbouring states and, even, on offshore oil rigs. High pressure (HP) machines operate at pressures lower than 1000 bars while ultra-high pressure (UHP) machines can operate at pressures exceeding 2000 bars.

From surface preparation to heat exchanger cleaning, Southey Contracting’s equipment can be used in numerous applications:

  • Automated Surface cleaning/preparation
  • Rotary Shotgun Cleaning
  • Concrete Demolition
  • Automated Floor Cleaning
  • Exchanger Cleaning
  • Straight Pipe Cleaning
  • Curved Pipe Cleaning
  • Tank & Vessel Cleaning
  • Furnace & Boiler Cleaning

Vacuum Trucking:

In addition to the water blast cleaning, Southey Contracting has a fleet of vacuum trucks that can clean vessel holds, tanks, sewers, drains and dams by removing solid and liquid residues by the use of suction.

Equipment includes four intrinsically safe 12 cubic meter vacuum tankers, one Vacuum Skid as well as screening machines and chemical cleaning tanks for dealing with disposal.

Southey Contracting's clients include


Efficient removal of waxes, oils and similar type residues
Diversity of Applications
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Low volume water usage with filtration and recycle option
Cost effective and efficient
Environmentally sensitive
Can be used in hazardous locations

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Standards, Accreditations & Safety

Southey Contracting Standards ensure that products are delivered and installed in the most cost effective way whilst never compromising safety. Our systems ensure that we are differentiated from most competitors as we are compliant with international standards of Safety, Quality and Environment. As a company, hold all relevant accreditations, including:

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 45001

Southey Contracting undertakes work safely, maintaining the highest quality and standards of consideration for the environment.

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