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Corrosion Protection & Coating

Protect company assets with Southey Contracting’s proven Corrosion Protection and Painting Service

Southey Contracting’s experience as an industrial coatings provider reaches back to 1939.

The importance of corrosion protection cannot be overstated. In 2013 it was estimated that corrosion would cost the US economy over $500 billion (in that year alone) – a number that was double their reported loss in 2002.

Further then take into consideration the type of industrial disasters that have been caused by corrosion failures (such as the MV Erika oil spill in 1999) and there can be no doubt the kind of risk companies are exposed to in terms of liability exposure and other indirect costs.

The World Corrosion Organisation (WCO) estimates that total annual losses from corrosion problems amount to over $1.5 trillion word-wide.

Fact is that corrosion not only causes structural and environmental damage but also threatens public health and safety.

“By bundling our scaffolding, insulation and coating services, we can provide the most cost-effective and safe approach.”

Southey Contracting
are Corrosion Protection & Coating specialists

The genesis of our company was as a service painting provider in Welkom, a small town in the Free State province of South Africa.

Since then we’ve gained industry-wide recognition in the development and management of industrial coatings solutions. By combining unsurpassed technical expertise with practical experience and class-leading equipment, Southey Contracting is able to provide high quality surface preparation and coatings for structural steel, vessels and tanks, equipment and all facility assets.


Southey Contracting is the longest-standing provider of Corrosion Protection and Coating in South Africa. Our services are designed to control corrosion, eliminating the need for costly steel replacement while meeting regulatory and safety requirements.

Our staff includes a large and growing number of professionals certified by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE). Southey’s Maintenance Painting Management System (MPMS) is a proactive, systematic approach that enables you to protect more square metres from corrosion and coating degradation while lowering the cost of painting and surface preparation.

Fire Proofing

For structures housing flammable materials (such as Hydrogen). High expertise and highly regulated.

Surface Preparation

Our ability to get into and treat confined, high-risk spaces is unique to Southey Contracting. Our technology reduces the number of people required to complete the preparation task to the highest standards. Poor preparation = poor painting.

Corrosion Protection

Our solution also includes concrete protection (along with steel protection systems). In addition, Southey provides “wear-resistant coatings – such as rubber linings – often used when material is transported on conveyers.

This serves as added protection from corrosion and impact damage.

Southey Contracting's clients include


Industry leaders since 1939
Most industry qualified and experienced professionals.
Benchmark-setting on-site maintenance and support
Speed and Efficiency are trademark qualities
Regular Auditing Conducted
on Southey, as well as companies tasked with eventual disposal in hazardous waste landfill sites.

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Standards, Accreditations & Safety

Protect company assets with Southey Contracting’s proven Corrosion Protection and Painting Service, nearly 80 years later still the industry benchmark.

Southey Contracting holds all relevant accreditations, including:

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 45001

Southey Contracting undertakes work safely, maintaining the highest quality and standards of consideration for the environment.

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