What’s Happening at Southey’s Sheeting Division?

[From The Southey Sound – March 2011 (Edition 2)]


We as employees of a company, often operate in our own space and the activities of others are sometimes lost on us. Below we will try and give some insight into what functions and services are being provided by either your colleagues of the Gauteng Branch or the employees of other branches of Southey.

…at our Sheeting Division

Our Sheeting division have been undertaking a very interesting roofing installation at the Medupi Power Station. In this case, the “roof” is made up of 3 elements and these are

  1. a mineral wool filled panel with 0.5mm chromdek on either side, followed by
  2. a 3mm coating of polyurea and then
  3. a conventional “IBR” type roof installed on the top of all of this.

This is a contract that requires a great deal of co-ordination and planning and has been very well executed by Tate & Nicholson. After a somewhat tentative start, they have been applauded for their safety systems and the practical implementation of these at the job site. Well done to all involved