What’s happening at Southey’s Power Station Contracts?

[From The Southey Sound – March 2011 (Edition 2)]


We as employees of a company, often operate in our own space and the activities of others are sometimes lost on us. Below we will try and give some insight into what functions and services are being provided by either your colleagues of the Gauteng Branch or the employees of other branches of Southey.

… safety and scaffolding at Southey’s Power Station Contracts

At our power station contracts, a lot is asked about our personnel and the equipment we supply to them. For the outages on the “Big 6” Coal fired power stations, large quantities of scaffolding needs to be brought onto site, erected and dismantled in exceptionally short periods of time. There is always a huge safety risk and the management of these risks lies squarely on the shoulders of the management of these contracts. They go out of their way to manage, mitigate and nullify these risks so that all of our personnel can go home every evening.