What’s happening at Southey in Cape Town?

[From The Southey Sound – March 2011 (Edition 2)]


We as employees of a company, often operate in our own space and the activities of others are sometimes lost on us. Below we will try and give some insight into what functions and services are being provided by either your colleagues of the Gauteng Branch or the employees of other branches of Southey.

…UHP Ultra High Pressure cleaning contracts in Cape Town

Our Cape Town branch has become the 2nd largest owner of High Pressure Pumps in South Africa. This accolade gives them the capacity to undertake some of the largest and most complex Ultra High Pressure cleaning contracts. This service is complimented by their two very big and highly sophisticated vacuum units. These units are able to work in some of the most hazardous situations due to their safety systems. Work is presently being done on offshore contracts (mostly off the coast of West Africa) and on the refineries around South Africa.


2500Bar UHP Water Jetting Units


Vacuum Unit working in Cape Town Docs