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The 2012 Annual Award by the Corrosion Institute of South Africa has been awarded to Southey Contracting Durban, for their Thermal Spray Application work done before and during the 2011 SAPREF Turnaround.

During the 2011 Turnaround, the external of pipes, elbows, valves and field welds were included in the scope of work.

Eddie Buijs, the Southey Holdings Health Safety and Environmental Manage, received an award of 1st place from FEM (Workmen’s compensation insurer for the construction industry) on behalf of Southey Contracting a division of Southey Holdings for their very low 5 year safety incident track record.

Southey Contracting Durban has received the Company of the Year award from NATCOS for their “One Family, One Focus” safety campaign. They are the first company to receive the floating trophy in recognition of their Health, Safety and Environmental commitment.

Dylon Kristopher (Safety Manager), Adam Khan (Contract Manager) and Site Safety Officers Mr. S. Abbo and Mr. S Ncogo are congratulated for upholding the required HSE standards.

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