Thermal Metal Spraying

Southey Contracting has its own flexible core of qualified and experienced Thermal Metal Spraying applicators, and can apply Thermal Metal Spraying as a sacrificial coating to meet the highest quality standards for corrosion purposes.

Thermal Metal Spraying is not a new process. It has proved itself to be extremely effective in the over 90 years of its existence, and has been used on an ongoing basis within the Southey group for over 30 years (since 1981 where Thermal Spray Aluminium (TSA) work was done on the bridge at Port Edward)

Since then Southey has expanded its state of the art Arc and Flame Spraying equipment and have trained crews under the guidance of a Thermal Metal Spraying Consultant from the USA.


Benefits of Thermal Metal Spraying

  • No curing time requied between coatings – it dries on impact (TSA)
  • It can be applied on or off site on new and/or existing plant
  • It serves as a repair procedure to galvanising but is not limited to the size of a galvanizing bath
  • There is no possible distortion due to heat transfer
  • It can be applied in high temperature applications (over 200°C)
  • TSA provides cathodic protection – for difficult-to-reach or cut areas (i.e. pipe supports)
  • Prolongs the life of your plant
  • Reducing maintenance frequency and associated costs

Standards, Accreditations & Safety?

As a protective system for structural steelwork Thermal Metal Spraying is unsurpassed being the only system, recommended by International and European standards EN ISO 14713, as giving greater than 20 years to first maintenance in very aggressive environments such as the Marine splash zone (category lm2).

On Quality Southey Thermal Metal Spray applications conform to:

  • ISO 2063:2005 (E) International Standard
  • ISO 2178-1982 (E) International Standard
  • NF EN ISO 14919:2001 (E) European and French Standard

Southey Contracting is also proud of the fact that we won the 2012 Annual Award from the Corrosion Institute of Southern Africa for delivering a high quality TSA Project at the SAPREF Refinery during their 2011 shutdown.

The“Southey Way”?

Known as “the gentlemen of the industry”, Southey prides itself on staff development, client care and successful nurturing of long terms relationships. “Spec’ing a job” is one thing, meeting expectations is another – That’s Southey.

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