Passive fire protection techniques are used to insulate steel and concrete structures against the harmful effects of fire.

Detail showing Carbon Fibre Reinforcing

Southey Contracting is experienced in the use of practical and affordable protection systems, including the following applications:

  • Structural steel to keep it below critical temperature (540 degree C)
  • Electrical circuits to be kept below the critical temperature (140 degree C)
  • Liquefied petroleum tanks to prevent explosion from evaporation after boiling
  • Vessel skirts and pipe bridges in oil refineries and chemical plants to protect steel and concrete
  • Concrete lining of traffic tunnels

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BP Sphere EL - Chartek (2)

Southey makes use of high performance, certification listed fireproofing products and systems, both cementitious  (plasters) and intumescent (chars).  Typical substances used are:

  • Lightweight vermiculite coating, spray applied
  • Modified epoxy intumescent coatings, brush or spray applied
  • Carbon fibre Kevlar mesh and plaster, trowel applied

Some of the critical projects tackled by Southey include a polar research station for Antarctica and numerous oil rigs.


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Known as “the gentlemen of the industry”, Southey prides itself on staff development, client care and successful nurturing of long terms relationships. “Spec’ing a job” is one thing, meeting expectations is another – That’s Southey.

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