Businesses have great potential to transform people’s lives and to alleviate poverty through generating economic growth.

They produce goods and services that customers want and they create jobs. Through paying taxes, they contribute to government revenue that can finance schools, hospitals and other public services.

The current South Africa government has a policy of transferring a share of the ownership, management and benefits of the country’s many industries to people previously excluded from the economy. Southey is part of this process and is supportive of black economic empowerment deals.


Southey Contracting is a responsible corporate citizen and supports real transformation.

A restructure of Southey Contracting (Pty) Ltd has led to an effective 51% black ownership in the company. The company which operates mainly in the Mpumalanga province gives back to the community through the shareholding of The Mpumalanga Forum Trust.


A business must interact with the societies it serves or it may face the alienation of its shareholders, stakeholders and customers. Governments in Africa need companies that are ready to face the many social and economic problems in the continent.

Southey is backing the South African government in this process and believes that it can support governments in reducing poverty and inequality and in improving health and welfare.

In South Africa, Southey has been a major campaigner for skills development.

Since 2005 Southey has trained the highest number of black artisans through the Merseta learnership program. The various trades include welders, boilermakers, fitters, turners, electricians, scaffolders and painters.